The Dilemma of an Online Shopper

Online shopping is no longer a thing of the future. It is the most trending thing today. It is the most convenient way to get more products with the least effort and time. While all these seem fine, there are things that really make my head spin when it comes to online shopping.

Too many choices

Too many choices lead to confusion. This is the case with me. I get super confused when there are too many choices. Because online shopping gives me more and more choices, it makes me worried.

Blowing my budget

There have been times when I spent way more than I wanted to just because I found interesting things and couldn’t care about my budget. I didn’t care for the deals and offers and I used to buy anything I wanted. I used to blow my money when shopping online. This always made me fall short of money by the month end.

Reading Product reviews

One of the things that I always do when getting anything online is to read the reviews of other customers. While it is a good thing to do, sometimes it just takes a lot of time to do this and when I don’t feel satisfied I don’t buy the product. The whole process is mentally tiring and I get irritated by it.

Looking for more reviews

There are times when I like the look of a product so much that I pray for the reviews to be good. When I find the reviews not so good, I look for other places on the internet for more reviews. I go through articles explaining the pros and cons of the products. I watch videos on the product. I do a lot of research. Sometimes, I happen to buy the product even after going through all the negative reviews. These are times when I feel like a compulsive shopper who needs serious help.


After spending five years shopping like these, I decided to create a platform where I can keep all the deals and offers for online shopping in an organized manner. To start with, I decided to create a website on Flipkart deals and offers. That is why I created I plan to create more websites like these in the future so that you don’t have to go through the online shopping dilemma, like I did.